the Neverending eXperience


Ognissanti presents
della ribalta
A cuisine
with a story to tell
A cuisine
with a story to tell
Portata a base di pesce del ristorante Luce di Ognissanti



We at Luce restaurant think that food is a memory, a way to go back to distant places and see again people and loved ones. Therefore, we are reluctant to throw away parts of a food. Every waste contributes to the creation of new and delicious dishes. Fisheyes, for example, are used to prepare tasty crunchy waffles while the scales are left to candy for the pastry. Even a simple sprout can change the flavor of a dish, telling a new story.
What inspires us



We do not follow the fashion of the moment, but our inner Light: a way of cooking inspired by techniques such as dry aging, fermentation, and seasoning. The dry aging is used to clean and dry the fish, giving it a stronger and tastier taste. Fermentation helps us to reduce waste and prepare healthy supplies. The seasoning enhances its nutritional characteristics, as well as lengthening the conservation. If cooking is love, taking care of your own ingredients is a way to love.
How it all begins



Dry aged fish, fresh homemade pasta, Apulian ramen revisited: we like to innovate and travel to discover taste. When we talk about cooking, we consider ourselves aesthetes, explorers, dreamers, and poets. We create rhymes with a contemporary flavor, we set up a mise en place as if it were an author’s canvas and we combine unconventional tastes to let you dream new frontiers of goodness.
what We do



The show continues: At the table, we want you to step into the part and witness a sensitive transformation. One by one, you will be relieved of something: a worry, a hassle, or a thought, and you will all be at your best, as well as our guests. Finally, as if a laugh had signaled that the right distance from the world has been reached, you will suddenly start to warm up, enlighten, expand towards the rarefied atmosphere of emotion to have the irreverence to taste it.
How you will live it



Radiant. Despite the dim lights of our restaurant this is how you feel: reduced to a dreamlike state. Food was a joy for the eyes, the palate, and the mind. Your thoughts float vaguely on the surface of the music in your head, and everything speaks gracefully to you. You have just tasted a strong emotion. Now it’s time to caress it.

a Neverending eXperience

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